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Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Arlington, the only place in Arlington that offers you effective and professional carpet cleaning at extremely economic rates. Not only that but our service is also environment friendly and we are a certified green business. It has been our motive from the start to give the locals a completely professional carpet cleaning service that fully caters to their needs, and does so in an environment friendly way.
We believe in giving our clients only the best of our work. Our professionals have been in this business for many years where they have acquired knowledge and experience.


Arlington Green Carpet Cleaning:

When we state that we are green, we really mean it in every possible way. We are a certified green company and none of what we do is harmful for the environment or the carpets that are being treated. Introducing green carpet cleaning in the area was our goal because we believe that as a corporate company, we shall do our part in serving the planet that gives us a home. While many cleaning companies discharge copious amounts of industrial waste everyday that is extremely toxic, the formulas used by Carpet Cleaning Arlington are completely natural and bio-degradable.



Damage-Free Carpet Cleaning:

The experts at Carpet Cleaning Arlington have created an array of specially customized formulas using all natural ingredients for all different types of carpets and problems that come along with them. Be it dust infestation or stains that never leave, our formulas will give you the best results. Using dry cleaning methods such as steaming, we also use liquid formulas. These green formulas have been created with natural enzymes or herbs and other ingredients that have the natural tendency to effectively break down the stain from every fiber of the carpet, thus giving absolutely flawless results to all our clients here are Carpet Cleaning Arlington.

The green cleaning formulas give out perfect seamless results and do so without bringing any damage to the carpets. With our green carpet cleaning formulas, we can assure you that your carpets won’t be damaged at all. While most toxic formulas damage the fibers of the carpet and take out the softness in them, our green formulas are mild yet ensue effective cleaning. Furthermore, these non-toxic formulas are absolutely safe for you and your family. Household carpets come in contact with your skin a lot and specially the skin of your children or your pets, thus having them cleaned with a green formulas reduces the risk of skin irritation or allergy occurring due to toxic formulas.

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For more information and inquiries, just give us a call anytime on our hotline number and you will be connected to one of the customer care team members at the offices of Carpet Cleaning Arlington. You can also contact us online by simply using the live chat option from our home page to speak to a representative directly from your computer.